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More Insurance Options

SIRVA Relocation is also able to offer a number of insurance extensions to the base policy that provide an extra level of protection for consignments including:

  • Packed by owner extension: This option provides coverage for all items that have been packed by the owner (or their family members).
  • Pairs and sets extension: This option provides coverage for entire “pairs” or “sets”. Normal policy limits the extent of restitution to any items lost or damaged. In the case of items that form part of a set or a pair, with this extension enacted, the entire pair or set will be replaced.
  • Mechanical and electrical derangement: This option provides coverage for items that suffer from functionality failure despite the item showing no external sign of any damage or mishandling.
  • Mold and mildew: Invoking the mold and mildew option will provide protection in the event that there is any loss or damaged sustained to the goods caused by the presence of mold and/or mildew during transit.
  • Packing and shipping costs: This cover provides recompense for all charges paid for the packing and shipping of the consignment in the event that the consignment is a total loss.