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The Benefits of In-house Insurance

There are a variety of benefits arising from SIRVA Relocation’s ability to offer our own insurance:

  • Claims ownership: SIRVA Relocation has a vested interest in the claims process and maintain ownership through to resolution.
  • In-house claims centre: SIRVA Relocation’s claims centre delivers claims assistance through full-time insurance service specialists. This service team works to ensure a prompt and timely resolution to claims. The service centre is available to clients regardless of where their destination may be.
  • Reporting: SIRVA Relocation’s centralised in-house claims management and settlement service facilitates:
    • Full cause code analysis
    • Extensive claims performance reporting
  • Training: All SIRVA Relocation insurance staff undergo thorough and ongoing training. This provides consistency and accuracy to the service that we offer.
  • Integrity: Integrity is a core SIRVA Relocation value and is ingrained all staff through training and the example set by senior members of staff. To further support this, the insurance process and staff knowledge is internally reviewed and audited, again to ensure compliance and peace of mind to clients.