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Housing Products

Housing budgets
SIRVA can provide rental budgets for locations across Australia. These rental budgets can be used to establish and/or review rental allowances on a regular basis for domestic and international inbound relocations. The report and data collection is designed to suit your relocation policy requirements against specified criteria, such as: property types, locations, salary bands and family sizes.

Data is sourced from:

  • published real estate statistics obtained from real estate institutes or governing body
  • periodical rental comparative analysis
  • media information and updates
  • SIRVA Relocation’s local research and ongoing market knowledge of the locations.

Housing Differential Report
A Housing Differential Report (HDR) can assist you to determine the purchase and/or rental differential when your employee is relocating on a permanent basis, particularly when relocating from a lower to a higher housing market.

The HDR is a summary report that provides a recommended differential percentage (for purchase and/or rental) that can be applied against the market valuation of the home location property to determine relative values in the new location. The report includes a summary of the location and immediate surrounds of the employee’s home, the description of the property and the market valuation for the employee’s home. The calculated differential for the new location factors in a selection of areas in the new location, assessed as probable in providing comparable lifestyle and housing opportunities to those of the home location. In addition, current statistics from relevant Real Estate Institutes are referenced to calculate the differential percentage between the home location and the new location.