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SIRVA understand that all destinations have a wide range of accommodation styles. SIRVA also know that finding homes for employees is a critical part of the relocation process to ensure the relocatee is settled into their new environment. 
SIRVA work with our customers to ensure we select the home to suit the individuals / families needs, lifestyle and budget that has been allocated. We will advise assignees on the various residential areas, community facilities and any other special requirements in line with the initial briefing and policies in place, including safety.

Our home search programs include:

  • Identifying housing requirements
  • Finding and accessing suitable homes for inspection
  • Negotiating with agents and securing the property
  • Follow-up calls with the family to ensure smooth settlement with minimal disruption and stress

Depending on the specific needs of your staff member and or their family, programs can be tailored to ensure the individual requirements are prioritised and appropriate options and opportunities are surfaced for consideration. SIRVA work with your orgainsation to ensure well informed decisions are made to ensure the strongest outcome is achieved in terms of budget, aligned to specific needs.