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The Repatriation Program is designed for employees and their families returning to their home country and after spending a number of years on an international assignment. Returning home should be ‘easy’ as it is familiar territory – despite this impeccable logic, over 65% of employees and their families find the related adjustments more difficult and challenging than their original international assignment. The program raises awareness and assists to formalise a planned repatriation. The program covers:

  • Review: reflecting back at overseas experiences and assessing consequences of changes from a personal, cultural, professional and family perspectives
  • Planning: repatriation education prepares for coming home, up-to-date information on the home country including basic orientation, work induction, special considerations for the employee, partner/spouse, children
  • The dynamics of returning home: the psychology of loss, expectations and reality, assessing changes including financial, transition management, stages of repatriation adjustment, coping skills and stress management
  • Reprogram: where to go from here, workplace and career management, skill assessment, network management, family directions
  • Making repatriation a success: consider the challenges of repatriation, develop strategies for a successful repatriation.