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Partner/Spouse Career Assistance

SIRVA Relocation’s partner/spouse career assistance program offers the employee’s partner personalised and professional support that will provide valuable assistance in understanding their new professional environment and successfully finding their place in it.  A flexible and practical approach is adopted to ensure that specific career needs are addressed through the following areas:

  • Adjusting to change: personal goals, life roles, family and career
  • Psychological assessment: personality, career interests, work values, skills and abilities
  • Exploring job options: current employment situation, identifying resources, researching options, reality testing and making career choices
  • Applying for jobs: guidance with writing or updating a CV, applying for overseas qualifications assessment, identifying study or further training needs, preparing job applications and understanding position requirements
  • Networking and building support: professional associations, networking opportunities
  • Interviewing and presentation skills: understanding relevance and local nuances