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Assignment Management Services


SIRVA Relocation’s assignment management services can include any or all of the following:

  • Coordination of visa and immigration requirements
  • Coordination of health insurance requirements
  • Coordination of taxation requirements (both initial and ongoing)
  • Coordination of origin services (including home sale assistance and departure assistance)
  • Coordination of removals management (including household goods, vehicles, pets, packing and unpacking services)
  • Coordination of travel, airport pick-ups, hire cars and temporary accommodation
  • Coordination of destination services (including orientation, home search, home purchase assistance, school search and settling in services)
  • Coordination of cross-cultural services
  • Coordination of security briefings
  • Coordination of ongoing expatriation requirements for the life cycle of secondment
  • Coordination of repatriation requirements (which may involve any or all of the above services in reverse)
  • Coordination of all invoices related to the provision of the above services

SIRVA Relocation can provide centralised assignment management services from our Asia Pacific centre of excellence in Australia or we can provide coordination services through a regional hub model, within teams from regions around the world that can service your assignees locally in locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and many more.

Call our office and speak to our experts today to discover how SIRVA Relocation can implement customised assignment management solutions for your local, regional or global relocation program.